Articulating Boom

Safe and Reliable

  • High quality tilt and weight sensor, for safe and reliable operation;
  • Modern electronic control system to provide security and safety;
  • The protection level of components of the whole machine is above IP65

Intelligent and efficient

  • The turntable rotation 360° continuously with compact tail, suitable for narrow space operation;
  • Combine calibration with intelligent and efficient system;
  • Oscillating axles as standard;
  • Four wheel strong AC electric drive, climbing capacity up to 45%, strong trafficability;
  • High-power charger, large-capacity power battery, fast charging, ultra-long endurance

Energy saving and comfort

  • Smooth descent on all booms;
  • Automatic deceleration at the action limit position, stable action, proportionate control;
  • ECU control ensures optimize battery usage.

Green and environmental protection

  • Pure electric power, low use and maintenance cost, high return on investment;
  • Green and environmental protection, no emission, low noise, meet indoor and outdoor working conditions.

Standard configuration

    Platform work lights · Working strobe lamp · Load Sensing System · Electro hydraulic proportional control · Automatic brake system · Tilt protection system · Telematics-BOX · Electric emergency descent system · Manual emergency descent system · Emergency stop system · Anti entrapment device · Remote fault diagnosis system · Overload protection · Efficient alarm warnings
Driving Motor
32 VAC / 3.3 kW
48 V / 460 Ah
Platform Load
320 kg
Max.Work Height
21.5 m


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Max.Working Height
Max.Platform Height
19.5 m
Max.Operating Range
14 m
Platform Size (L×W×H)
1.83 × 0.76 × 1.1
Platform Load (Unrestricted)
320 kg
Max. Platform Occupants
Max.Working Slope
X-5° / Y-5°
Overall Weight
9,500 kg
48 V / 460 Ah
Driving Motor
32 VAC / 3.3 kW
Lifting Motor
31 VAC / 10 kW


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